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Dear Ray
A month ago I collected the 2d largest fee ever, which I attribute to your diet.
Last August I devoted 90% of my available time to preparing an exhaustive creative brief in a federal court insurance case against one of the biggest law firms in Texas. The brief convinced my trial judge, the trial judge convinced the 5th Circuit Court of appeals in New Orleans and they affirmed in a summary opinion without hearing arguments.
I was only about one or two months into the diet last August but before the diet the sustained intensive work on one difficult intellectual task was beyond me.
Now, in addition to handling heat, fatigue and stress better, I am far more patient, even cunning, and certainly more dangerous to those who stand against me.
One final physical note: as I told you before cramps and muscle soreness have become virtually non-existent compared to what they were before.
One concomitant feature: hiccups now are almost impossible for me to get and very easily stopped when they come. Before they were a monthly or quarterly nuisance sometimes hard to get rid of.
A friend from Dallas sent me your book, Neanderthin, because I have a condition called Chronic Fatigue Immunology Syndrome.
My daughter and I started the diet one week ago. I am pleased and amazed at the increase in energy I am experiencing! My 18 year old daughter no longer needs an alarm clock to wake up; in fact, she's been arising an hour before the alarm goes off!

For two years I talked to diabetic specialists, gastro entomologists, Internists, allergists, homeopathic specialists, and general practitioners. They drew blood, put me on medications, told me to gain weight, put me on Prozac, and in the end assured me it was all in my head. Mean while I never left the
house unless absolutely necessary and fasted often as it was the only time I felt clear headed.
I finally gave up. I read researched and self diagnosed. At different times I thought I had any one of dozens of strange diseases. Finally one night, trying to pick apart the arguments in Barry Sears' Zone book, I gave up and recognized that his argument was logically sound, and fairly well tested. I tried his diet. For several weeks I felt great. Then I noticed I needed higher levels of protein and lower of carbohydrate to feel the same result. I picked up your book on a biographical recommendation and read the intro to the second chapter.
I, like you, had never been overweight. At the time i stood six feet two and weighted 152 pounds. I didn't want to loose weight. I wanted to regain my life. I took a careful look at your research, a leap of faith, and committed to your diet.
Sir at the risk of sounding melodramatic, You gave me back my life. I have not been on the diet long, and am experiencing some difficulties still, but I have not felt so since high school. I am slowly looking over your resources, but took this time to say thank you.






   May 2000



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